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Based in Brisbane, servicing businesses and the public in Queensland.

Switchboard Transportation in Brisbane & South East QLD

Switchboard Tranz offers transportation and lifting solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that will suit most projects to make your job easier.

Transport options are available to suit large or small jobs. Our fleet provides the capability to access most sites and transport your goods in the most professional and economical option available to you. We offer ute transportation services for small loads, whereas the flat bed crane truck is ideal for larger loads.


Why Choose Switchboard Tranz

Crane Truck (GH ProRanger Hino)

Maximum Lifting Capability: 6 tonnes
Maximum Reach: 15 metres
Tray for ease of loading
Bed Size: 8m long x 2.5m wide

Crane Truck (FC Pro Ranger Hino)

Maximum Lifting Capability: 5 tonnes
Maximum Reach: 6 metres
Tray for ease of loading
Bed Size: 5.5m long x 2.5m wide

Utility (XR8)

Maximum Carrying Capacity: 1 tonne
Bed Size: 2.1m long x 1.9m wide

Lifting Equipment
Fixed lifting beam (2m long x 2 tonne lift);
Spreader bar (2250mm up to 3700mm Lug centres; Transportation length 3600mm (approx)); above 3 tonne);
Mobile scales (up to 5 tonne capacity)
See Equipment Register for more information
Equipment Register
To view our equipment register, click here.
Test n Tag
Compliance: all lifting equipment is quarterly certified and current tags.
See Equipment Register for details
Chain of Responsibility
Accreditation to ‘Operate a vehicle-mounted loading crane’
Labour Hire Services
Builders & Tradesmen available to install switchboards and provide building work (Registered builder; QBCC license 77376)

The Transportation Process

Request a quote for your goods to be transported. Call us on 0411 61 51 00 or email and provide a description of the goods to be transported, including:

  • the pick-up address
  • the delivery address
  • description of goods (size, weight, product, etc)

A quote will be provided to the customer.

A booking will be created and scheduled. Please provide the contact persons name and phone number for both the pick-up point and the delivery point.

NOTE: Account options may be available for switchboard manufacturers. Application forms and Terms and Conditions are available on our Resources webpage. Contact us for more information.


Pricing & Rates

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